3 Tips For Maintaining Your Marble Floors

Did you recently buy a home that has marble floors? Are you unsure of how to maintain them? Marble floors can add a touch of elegance to any home design. When maintained properly, the floors can shine and have a nearly mirror-like quality. Unfortunately, marble floors can also be very unforgiving. Dirt and spilled liquids can settle into the marble, causing permanent damage. Even the lightest impact can cause scratches and dents. With some careful maintenance, though, you can prevent serious damage. Here are three tips to maintain your marble floors:

Clean with either a dry rag or with only warm water

It might be tempting to use a ceramic tile cleaner on tough stains. While the cleaner may be effective in the short-term, it can have dangerous long-term effects. Marble is sensitive to high acidity and to many of the chemicals used in most man-made cleaners. The chemicals can cut through the marble's shine and even leave unsightly smudges and streaks.

Instead. get dirt up with a floor mop that uses a dry cloth pad. If the dirt or stains are persistent, use a towel with warm water. In some cases, dirt or stains may have settled in. If that happens, you'll likely need a marble floor restoration company to buff the stains out.

Use floor mats

Marble floors are sensitive to all kinds of pressure. Even something as harmless as a potted plant or a coat hanger can cause scratches. Use soft felt pads to serve as floor mats underneath any fixtures that sit on the marble floors. You can get the pads at any craft store. Simply cut them to fit the base of fixture so the pad isn't too obvious.

Also use floor mats on adjacent floors that lead into the marble area. That will give visitors a chance to wipe their feet before walking on the marble floors. Be careful, though, about using throw rugs and mats on the marble itself. Some rugs have backings with chemically treated materials. Those backings can do serious damage to floors.

Watch for uneven tiles

Over time, you may notice that some marble tiles aren't flush with the others. This can happen naturally due to high foot traffic, the house settling, or even pressure from furniture. When you notice it, you should have it addressed immediately. Uneven tiles are usually a warning sign of upcoming cracking and chipping. A marble flooring restoration company can come out and make the tiles flush again so you don't risk more serious damage.

For more information, call a marble floor restoration company in your area. They can help you bring your marble floors back to life.