Deciding Between Carpet Types For Your Floor

It's tough enough as it is to narrow down your home's flooring options between hardwood, tile, and carpeting. If you decided on going with carpeting, you'll need to make another decision on what kind of carpet fiber you want. Here are some pros and cons between nylon, polyester, and acrylic carpet.

Nylon Carpeting

If you have pets or kids that can be messy, nylon carpeting can be a great choice because of how strong the carpet fibers are. The carpet fibers will not become flat over time, and they are great at resisting stains. If you have a living room that sees a lot of foot traffic, a nylon carpet will have the durability and strength to keep looking great over the years.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not like nylon because of the price. While you will get your money's worth if it's used in high traffic areas, it may not be best for rooms that do not get used that often. You must be careful when using any commercial carpet cleaning products with nylon carpeting, because some can cause the color to fade.

Polyester Carpeting

Carpeting made out of polyester is constructed with synthetic materials such as recycled bottle caps and tires, making it a good choice for homeowners that want a carpeting material that is environmentally friendly. Polyester also provides stain resistance for water-based stains, making it great for homes with pets and small children.

Unlike nylon, polyester is not a very durable material for carpeting. If you plan on putting polyester carpeting in your living room or other high traffic areas, you will notice that the carpet fibers will very easily become crushed from foot traffic. This is because polyester carpeting typically has a high fiber height.

Acrylic Carpeting

The main benefit of acrylic carpeting is that it will feel luxurious as if it were made out of natural wool carpet fibers. This synthetic material does a great job at resisting mildew, dirt, and insects as well. The carpeting will not fade from direct sun exposure, making it a wise choice for a room with many windows.

The downfall of acrylic is that it is not as strong as nylon for everyday use situations. The material is also not very stain resistant, especially when it comes to oil stains. You'll end up needing to replace acrylic carpeting more often, but it is a cheaper material than nylon and polyester.

Now that you know some pros and cons of these three materials, you can pick the one that will fit best with your home. Visit Coordinated Interiors for more information.