Reduce The Clean-Up Efforts Following Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

Have you been putting off getting your hardwood floors refinished because you worry about the mess that comes with the process? If you are looking for ways to reduce clean-up process after having your hardwood floors refinished, there are some steps that you can take to prepare your home and make the clean-up process easier.

Plan for the Work

The refinishing process can take up to five days to complete, so you must plan accordingly. Oil based polyurethane is typically applied in three coats. Between each coat, the polyurethane must cure for a day or so before the next coat can be applied. After the final application, you will have to wait another day or two before walking on the floor or putting any furniture back into the room.

To make living in the home a little easier during the work, consider renting a portable storage unit to store all of your furniture in. These units are delivered directly to your driveway and come in a variety of sizes. Storing your furniture in a storage unit will help you keep the rest of the home livable while the hardwood floors are refinished instead of having mountains of furnishings piled into another space in the house.

Tip: Furnishings that are in rooms near where the flooring is being refinished could become covered with dust during the process even after taking preventative measures. Pieces that you cherish or that are valuable or delicate should also be moved out of the home during the process.

Prepare the Room

Hardwood floor refinishing is a dusty project. This means that you should remove anything and everything in the room, including the things stored in closets or cabinets.

Remove the window treatments, light fixtures, wall hangings and anything else in the space and store them somewhere else until the project is complete.

Anything that you cannot remove should be wrapped with garbage bags and taped tightly to keep as much dust off of them as possible. For example, large ceiling light fixtures that are not easily removed should be covered with a garbage bag or sheet of plastic and taped tightly.

If you are having the hardwoods in the kitchen refinished, cover the cabinetry and countertops with sheets of plastic and tape it securely in place using masking tape.

Enclose the space using sheets of plastic taped over doorways.

Talk with your wood floor refinishing expert to learn more about how to lessen the mess that comes with this important and home-improving project.