How To Apply An Epoxy Coating To Your Garage Floor

Applying epoxy to your garage floor is a great way to make sure that the concrete stays sealed and that it looks shiny and new at all times. Applying epoxy flooring is a relatively easy project that you should be able to complete on your own within the course of a weekend. Here's how to do it.

1. Patch Your Floor

Spend the time on Saturday patching up any problem areas in your concrete floor. Make sure that you fill in any cracks with enough time for the filling to dry so that you can sand the floor down so that everything is even. Also, make sure that you even out any potholes to ensure that you the epoxy does not pool anywhere and take longer to dry in those places.

Make sure that you don't already have sealant on your concrete or else the epoxy will not be able to bond with the concrete and dry properly. You will be able to tell if the concrete has any sealant if you drip water on the floor and it is not absorbed by the concrete.

Finally, take the time to scrub any oil and dirt off of the floor.

2. Purchase Two Kits of Epoxy

Go to the hardware store and purchase two epoxy coating kits. You want two kits, rather than just one, to make sure that you have enough epoxy to coat your entire floor twice. The kit will come with the epoxy paint, as well as the hardener that will allow the epoxy to dry solid and not flake off. Make sure that you mix the hardener and the epoxy right before you are going to use them in order to make sure that they do not dry out before you finish painting the floor. You have about a two-hour window before the hardener starts to make the paint unusable.

3. Start Painting

Dip a rolling brush into the bucket in which you mixed the paint and the hardener. Allow any excess epoxy coating to drip off before you start rolling the brush on the floor. Make sure that you start at the back of your garage so that you will be able to get out without having to step on the epoxy and dent it. Start in the back corner and with careful strokes, move your way towards the front of the garage. After you've finished the first coat, check the time. Wait a few hours. The first coat will be dry enough for you to walk on it after a little bit of time. Then, apply the second coat starting with the oldest part of the epoxy. 

For more information, talk to a company like The Carolina Floor Project that specializes in epoxy flooring.