Oh No! If The Pet Or Carpet Must Go—Maybe You Can Keep Them Both

Has your pet ruined your carpet? Perhaps you are ready to replace it and explore your flooring options. If you strongly prefer carpet but you feel as though it is no longer ideal due to your experience prior experience, you should take a moment to learn about some alternatives.The following points are a quick breakdown of some things you can do if the desire for carpet is still there. 

Partial Installation

You could have new carpet installed in some portions of your home, and choose a different flooring material for other areas. For example, you could install carpet in your bedroom or guest rooms and have a house rule that pets are not allowed in those rooms. For areas where pets are permitted to enter, you could consider a durable flooring material such as vinyl, stone, tile, or bamboo. These alternate flooring materials make it easy to clean pet stains as they occur. They are also easy to maintain. 

Stain-Repellant Carpet Options

You will need a carpet that is stain-repellant to protect your investment from pet stains. Ensure that you have the carpeted cleaned routinely to extend its life if you choose this option. There are also carpet options that are specifically manufactured with pets in mind. You should also understand that some carpets may be treated with stain-repelling agents, but they may not have odor neutralizing qualities. Odors can be caused by urine accidents and dirt. Carpet fibers that are made of polyester or nylon are ideal if you think that odor may be an issue. This is because these are materials that allow air to circulate through them. 

Cut Pile Instead of Looped Pile

Perhaps your pet ruined your carpet due to their sharp claws tearing through it. If so, it would be wise to invest in a sturdy carpet option that is resistant to tears. Your should look for carpet that has a cut pile rather than a looped pile because looped pile styling will likely get torn, and you will not get the most out of your new carpet. This is something that can also benefit your pet. Imagine getting your fingernails stuck in carpet loops and trying to get them out. This is likely similar to the pain pets experience when their sharp claws get tangled in looped carpeting. 

A flooring professional is a good resource to use to determine other ways you could have carpet and keep loving your pet. They may be able to offer additional options such as refer you to brands that have warranties if their carpets fail to work. Companies like Clayton Paint & Flooring Center may be able to help meet your needs in this area.