Turning a Spare Room or Area into a Laundry Room? Make Sure to Add Cabinetry

When you first looked at your home before putting in an offer, you may have analyzed the furniture layout and functionality for every room. The house may have extra rooms or spaces that cannot be considered a bedroom, but you have a lot of freedom with how to use them.

If there is a dedicated room, you can give it almost any functionality that you desire. But if the space is open to the rest of the home and you want something more permanent, you can install a wall or two along with an interior door so that it becomes an actual room inside your house. If you are turning this into a laundry room, you should get help with adding cabinetry.

Above the Workspace

When you build a laundry room, you will want to add a large countertop workspace. This will make it easy to handle tasks such as treating stains, ironing outfits, or folding clothes. You will not have to bring these tasks to other parts of your home due to a lack of workspace. Adding cabinetry above the countertop is important for providing the laundry room with storage space.

Laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, and bleach are some items that you may often use. You can also store baskets of worn-out towels to use for cleaning. A crucial detail is making sure the cabinets and shelves in them are large enough to fit your baskets and bulkiest items.

Next to Appliances

Putting cabinets next to the appliances is another way to maximize storage space in the room. Since they will be so close to the washer and dryer, you may want to add pull-out cabinet organizers with hampers inside for organizing the laundry before you even start washing.

For instance, you can have your family put all the whites in one hamper and colors in another. Then, when you are ready to do the laundry, you can get them started in a matter of minutes. The use of cabinets will keep the area easy to clean and prevent it from looking cluttered. Also, if the clothes have a bad odor, it will not linger and spread around the room while in a cabinet.

Under the Sink

Putting a utility sink in the laundry room is smart because you can use it for all sorts of cleaning tasks. If your hands get messy, you can clean up without worrying about the drain clogging. It is also the perfect spot to take care of handwashing your most delicate pieces of clothing.

You can conceal part of the sink and add valuable storage by putting cabinetry underneath the sink. This addition is an ideal spot to store hand soap and mild detergent for hand washing.

Installing cabinetry in a bare laundry room will turn it into one that is functional.