What Kind Of Commercial Floor Drains Work Well In A Mechanic Shop?

In a place of business, keeping the floors clean and free from debris is one of the most important aspects of keeping a safe and clean work environment. If you own a mechanic shop, this rule is no different, so having a floor drainage system to make cleanup easy is important. The most important part of a floor drain system is the drain itself that sits level with the floor so dirty ware can be swept into the drain and pulled out through the hidden drainage system. Here are a few things you should be looking for in a commercial floor drain system for your garage. 

Look for a durable grate or drain cover. 

From heavy vehicles to heavy tools and equipment, regular drain covers will not work out very well in a garage atmosphere. You should look for a drain system that has some pretty beefed-up drain cover. The grate itself should be made of rigid steel or relative metals. Plus, the cover should have a sturdy support system of vertical and horizontal bars that is capable of withholding the pressure of heavyweight that rolls over it. If you do not opt for a heavy-duty drain cover or grate design, you can end up having to replace it quite often due to bending and damage.

Look for a drain that has welded-in screens. 

The last thing you want is stuff like clumps of grease or debris falling into your floor drains and causing you headaches later on. Therefore, you need a floor drain that has a screen in place to capture all of those little particles that can come along with cleaning the shop floor. The best models will have a screen that is welded in place for longevity, but the screen should also have the ability to be removed for easy cleaning. 

Look for commercial floor drains that are elongated in style. 

There are multiple styles of commercial floor drains. However, when you are cleaning up the floors in your mechanic shop, the last thing you want is to have to push all water to one small drain that is tucked away in one corner. It is much better if you have an elongated drain that stretches a good way across the building. This will allow you to push water to the drain much more easily, so cleaning up the floors will not be such a big burden at the end of the day. 

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