Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned To Eliminate Smoke Odors From Cigarettes Or A Small Fire

If your home filled with smoke after a cooking disaster or small fire, you may have a hard time eliminating the odor. Even if someone smokes in your house daily, you could have a problem with stale smoke odors in your carpet. If you have allergies or respiratory problems, the lingering smoke odor might even make it difficult for you to breathe. One reason smoke odor can be hard to eliminate is because the odor is trapped in the carpet fibers. Professional residential carpet cleaning can probably help. Here are a few things to know about carpets and smoke odors.

Determine if a Carpet Cleaning Company Can Help

The first step is to assess the damage to your carpet if you've had a big fire. Even if the fire didn't reach the carpet, it might be so damaged that it needs to be replaced. For instance, high heat can melt synthetic fibers. Water damage is another consideration. If the carpet is soaked with water from the fire truck, then the carpet may need to be thrown out or dried out before it can be cleaned thoroughly.

When the problem is just a bad smoke odor caused by a small fire or from smoking, then calling in a residential carpet cleaning service could be the solution for getting the odor out of your house.

Why Carpet Should Be Cleaned After Smoke Exposure

Fabrics of any kind tend to absorb odors. If you have pets, you already know how carpet can get smelly by absorbing pet odors. The same thing happens when smoke fills a carpeted room. Getting rid of smoke odor can be difficult, and you may need to clean your walls and furniture too depending on how much smoke was in your house and how long it came in contact with your carpet and belongings.

A minor cooking mishap that creates smoke you clear out quickly may not cause problems with your carpet, but thick smoke that seeps into the carpet fibers can be the source of lingering odors until you have the carpet cleaned. Cleaning the carpet could mean the difference between coming home to a fresh-smelling home and one that smells like stale smoke. If you've recently bought a house that has the odor of old smoke, then cleaning the carpets may be a necessary step for eliminating odor that has accumulated from smoking or past smoke damage.

When you're dealing with tough carpet odors, call a professional cleaning service to bring in heavy-duty equipment and the right cleaning solutions. A carpet cleaning company cleans the carpet to get rid of deep dirt and stains and uses odor neutralizers to eliminate odors rather than cover them up. Commercial water extractors get your carpet as dry as possible after they're cleaned so your carpet is left smelling clean, fresh, and free of smoke odors.