Choosing New Wood Flooring And An Overview Of The Installation Timeline

There are several options in hardwood flooring, so you can choose just the right color and grain pattern for your home. Wood flooring is more complicated to install than vinyl or laminate, so you'll probably want to take advantage of a flooring installation service rather than attempt DIY installation. When you choose beautiful flooring and have it installed by a professional, your home will have floors you love that last for decades with proper care. Here's a look at choosing the right hardwood floors installation services.

Look Over Your Choices

Hardwood flooring can be dark or light and have large grains or small. You can choose a glossy finish or rustic finish for your floor that matches your house's architecture and décor. There's even a difference in wood flooring when it comes to hardness. While softer wood is usually less expensive, it is scratched more easily. Try using a visualizer tool to see how different options would actually look in your rooms. You can switch out different types of wood flooring in a model room or upload a picture of your room and see how different types of wood look in your home.

Decide Where You Want Wood Flooring

You may not want wood flooring in your bathrooms or kitchen, especially if you have kids that are prone to making wet messes. Some types of wood flooring are more resistant to water damage than others, but as a general rule, you want to avoid placing wood floors in areas where they might get wet frequently. Your flooring installation service can make smooth transitions from room to room with any other type of flooring so there are no trip hazards and so your flooring flows smoothly throughout your house.

Meet With The Flooring Installation Service

You'll want to get a quote for the cost of installation, and you'll want to have your home measured for an accurate calculation of how much flooring and accessories such as trim and underlayment to order. You'll also want to ask about the services you'll need. The installation crew may need to pull up old flooring and clean the subfloor. The contractor may discuss the type of installation for your home too. If you have a plywood subfloor, the installer will use nails or staples to put down the wood planks. You can also install wood over concrete, but then it has to be glued down.

It may take a few days to complete the installation of your flooring depending on how many square feet of flooring is being put down. However, there are other time factors involved in the installation process. The flooring has to be in your home a few days to acclimate to the climate before it can be installed. Then, once the planks are down, the floors have to be finished, and the floor has to dry before you can walk on the planks and move your furniture back in. The installer can provide a general timeline when you get a quote so you know how long it will be before your home is back to normal and you can enjoy your new floors.