Vinyl Flooring? Why It's Such A Game-Changer

When it comes to residential flooring services, most homeowners want something that is easy to take care of, durable, and stylish. In the past, you would need to make some significant sacrifices. That is, you might be able to find a product that looks great, but it could be very hard and expensive to care for. On the other end, some of the low maintenance options that used to be very popular can look cheap and plastic-like. But, with vinyl you can basically have the best of both worlds. This article explains a few of the best things about vinyl, and it looks at a few things you should consider before choosing the best vinyl product for your home.

Why Vinyl?

When it comes to home construction, vinyl is a versatile building material that can be useful in pretty much any setting, but it is particularly well-suited to flooring. Vinyl has long been easy to clean, durable, mark resistant, water resistant, stain-proof, and long lasting. But the real beauty of modern vinyl flooring products is the variety of styles. Vinyl can now be manufactured in a wider variety of styles. Thanks to advanced printing tech and more detailed texturing, you can find vinyl products that look very similar to real surfaces like natural stone, wood, and tile.

Modern vinyl flooring prints can be so realistic looking that people might not be able to recognize that your floor is vinyl, even if they are currently walking on it.

Of course, all of these natural surfaces require more maintenance than vinyl. They also cost more per square foot and require more expensive installation. In fact, vinyl is one of the easiest flooring materials to self install. Installing your own vinyl flooring doesn't require that much construction skill and it can save you thousands on the project. Basically, you will save a ton of money with vinyl, especially if you factor in the long term maintenance costs. Being able to enjoy the style of these materials without having to worry about the extra cost is one reason that vinyl is such a popular solution in both residential and commercial construction.

Regardless of your reason for looking into vinyl flooring, you will definitely be happy because it is such an easy product to own. If you have never seen vinyl flooring in person, you really should go check it out. You'll be surprised by the rich, realistic textures.