Are You Designing A Family Room With A Western Theme?

Have you always been enamored with things like western movies and the history of the Old West? If so, you may have decided that you want to design a family room with a western theme. From selecting the furniture to choosing the flooring for your family room, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a room that you and your family will enjoy. The Furniture - Think of selecting furniture that has a bit of a rustic look to it.

What Kind Of Commercial Floor Drains Work Well In A Mechanic Shop?

In a place of business, keeping the floors clean and free from debris is one of the most important aspects of keeping a safe and clean work environment. If you own a mechanic shop, this rule is no different, so having a floor drainage system to make cleanup easy is important. The most important part of a floor drain system is the drain itself that sits level with the floor so dirty ware can be swept into the drain and pulled out through the hidden drainage system.

Is A Full Refinishing Always Necessary?

When your hardwood floors are looking dull and dirty, getting them refinished is a good way to restore their natural beauty. However, a full refinishing—one that involves deep sanding and painting—isn't always necessary. Here's an alternative that may work just as well and save you some time and money in the process. Screen and Recoat Hardwood floors typically have a topcoat that helps protect the wood from damage from the elements and foot traffic.

Turning a Spare Room or Area into a Laundry Room? Make Sure to Add Cabinetry

When you first looked at your home before putting in an offer, you may have analyzed the furniture layout and functionality for every room. The house may have extra rooms or spaces that cannot be considered a bedroom, but you have a lot of freedom with how to use them. If there is a dedicated room, you can give it almost any functionality that you desire. But if the space is open to the rest of the home and you want something more permanent, you can install a wall or two along with an interior door so that it becomes an actual room inside your house.

How To Restore Maple Hardwood Floors

If your maple hardwood floor looks faded or has some scratches, you don't need to install a new floor. Maple floors can be restored to look new again. There are two ways to refinish hardwood floors: sanding and using liquid refinisher. A beginner should be able to do either technique. Here are tips to restore a maple hardwood floor. Prepare to Work For this project, you need:  work gloves safety goggles shop vac masking tape dry rags or applicator pads scouring pads (optional) shallow pan (optional) hammer needle-nose pliers wood filler putty knife orbital sander edge sander and 50-grit to 300-grit sandpaper liquid refinisher (optional) polyurethane sealer maple stain Wear hearing protection to protect the ears from sanding noise.