Oh No! If The Pet Or Carpet Must Go—Maybe You Can Keep Them Both

Has your pet ruined your carpet? Perhaps you are ready to replace it and explore your flooring options. If you strongly prefer carpet but you feel as though it is no longer ideal due to your experience prior experience, you should take a moment to learn about some alternatives.The following points are a quick breakdown of some things you can do if the desire for carpet is still there.  Partial Installation

Remodeling Your Kitchen? 3 Must Have Upgrades You Should Consider

One way that homeowners like to give their house a makeover is by remodeling their kitchen. With so many ways to do a kitchen remodel, the possibilities are practically endless.  Consider making these 3 upgrades to your kitchen that will definitely help it stand out from your old one. Granite Countertops Your kitchen countertops get used every single day, and upgrading them to natural stone will provide many benefits.  Granite can help provide a very durable surface, which will allow you to use knives on your counters or place a hot pan directly on the surface, all without the fear of causing damage to the material.

Winter Carpet Care

Carpeting can be extra difficult to keep clean in the winter because slush and salt can easily be tracked in on boots and shoes. Salt stains are unattractive and if not addressed appropriately can damage your carpet fibers. The following tips will help ensure that your carpeting will stay beautiful throughout the winter and last for many years to come. Clean Your Sidewalks One of the best ways that you can protect your carpets in winter is by engaging in preventative maintenance.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

When you buy a house with hardwood floors, those beautiful and solidly crafted floors are likely one of the selling points that make you decide to choose that house over the others you considered. After all, hardwood floors not only look great but help to increase the value of a house and are very durable and functional. Hardwood flooring does require some maintenance and special care to remain in good working order and continue to look fantastic, though.

How To Apply An Epoxy Coating To Your Garage Floor

Applying epoxy to your garage floor is a great way to make sure that the concrete stays sealed and that it looks shiny and new at all times. Applying epoxy flooring is a relatively easy project that you should be able to complete on your own within the course of a weekend. Here's how to do it. 1. Patch Your Floor Spend the time on Saturday patching up any problem areas in your concrete floor.